Remote Work And Life in Asia 

Remote Work

For the last decade, remote work has become a dream for many office employees. Sure there are always arguments about whether freelance life is suitable for everyone and whether it is as good as everyone thinks. But, anyway, we can’t deny the fact that many people would love to quit their office work, move to Thailand or another sunny corner of the world and work on the Internet. If you are also thinking about changing your life this way, then this post is for you! One of the most popular destinations for freelancers in Southeast Asia. This region includes 10 countries: Brunei, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, and The Philippines. Do you wonder why this remote place has become a freelancer’s paradise? Well, there are several aspects.

First of all life in Southeast Asia is way cheaper than in Europe, US, or Australia. This means that you can work less, or work as much as now, but allow yourself a lot more. The cost of food is also significantly lower. In most Southeast Asian countries you can have a great meal in a street cafe for some $ 1-2. The climate in this region is very tempting – about +30 all year round. Only the level of humidity changes from the dry season to the rainy season (rain showers several times a day and then sun again). All year round you can swim, eat fresh fruits, walk in shorts and forget about piles of winter clothes, cold weather, and winter depression. If this sounds convincing, then let’s take a closer look at the cost of living in Southeast Asia Cost of living in Thailand.

1. Studio apartment, 50 square meters, 400 meters from the sea. A swimming pool, security, parking, internet, cable TV, an air conditioner, a huge balcony, and a full set of appliances will cost you about $ 450 a month. If you don’t book in advance, but search for it on spot, then a similar apartment can be found for $ 300-400.
2. Complete cleaning of the apartment, washing windows, polishing furniture, and changing bed linen – $ 11. Bed linen and towel change – $ 5.
3. A dinner for two in a simple street cafe – $2,5. Thai portions are large, so one dish and a drink are perfect enough.
4. Utilities (water and electricity) – $20-40 a month.
5. Motorbike rental (monthly) – about $ 100, but can be less. In Thailand, there is almost no public transportation, so a motorbike is essential.

Cost of living in Cambodia

1. Rental market in Cambodia is not very developed and good apartments are rented for at least 3 months. So you can consider renting a room in a hotel or guesthouse. In the capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh, a room in a centrally located guest house will cost about $ 250 a month. The price includes all utilities, internet access, daily housekeeping and linen, cable TV, and daily bottles of drinking water.
3. Food in Cambodia is more expensive than in Thailand – dinner for two in a street café will cost about $ 5. If you go to Chinese restaurants then it can be cheaper- about $4.
4. There’s nearly no public transportation in Cambodia, but it’s not a problem as a taxi costs $1 per km. Motorcycle taxis and tuk-tuks are even cheaper. And remember, you can always ask for a discount. The cost of living in The Philippines was already reviewed in my earlier post.

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