A Career With Travel Opportunities

A Career With Travel Opportunities

Your dream is to live a life in travel and get paid for it? Well, some of the careers with travel are mentioned in my article “A guide to free traveling”, but there’s also another way to earn money and travel writing. Articles in travel magazines, guidebooks, and books about travel might be a stable source of income. If travel journalist work is what you are eager to get, then before starting the writing process check tips provided by Valery Shanin – a successful travel journalist from Russia, author of many travel articles and guidebooks.

How to Write Articles For Periodicals?

Magazines and newspapers only pay for what is written in the “correct” style. Of course, the notion of “correct” style, is different in each company. Each newspaper, magazine, or professional travel site has its own standard. So, it makes no sense to write an article if you don’t know where you would like to offer it. First, choose a magazine and make a little research: talk to editors or journalists who work for it or at least carefully look through several editions to get at least basic guidelines. Editors are always too busy to waste time on an article that requires major changes and revision.

So if your article will be more or less the same as all others in this magazine, then your chances to get published increase dramatically. And another thing – don’t be shy to call/write and remind yourself about yourself. The patient is a great feature, but in this case, perseverance is much more useful! Don’t try to start your journalist job in such “monsters” as “National Geographic”, you’re most likely to get disappointed. First try out local newspapers, medium size travel sites, etc. Thus you’ll collect a convincing portfolio that will help you to conquer bigger and more popular magazines.

How to Write Guidebooks?

Every bookstore is full of guidebooks about each and every corner of the world. But the need for new books will never be satisfied – information gets old, and new revisions and editions are required. Therefore, new authors are required continuously. The problem, though, is that newcomers may face quite an icy welcome by experienced authors. Anyway, the most important thing is to start As soon as you have at least one written and published guidebook, you’ll start to get new offers on a regular basis: publishing houses regularly launch new guidebook series and usually invite “tested” authors. Just keep in mind that you have to write your guidebook, following the style of an exact series, just like with articles to periodicals.

Valery Shanin also proposes another way of starting an online writing career as a guidebook author. He says at the very start of his own career he wrote and published a guidebook for his own money. When he started to sell it, an editor from a popular publishing house noticed his work and offered to make another edition an updated version. This time without any investments from Valery’s side and for a decent fee from the publishing house. A freelance writer’s job is what many people seek, but only a few get it. To become one of them be persistent, and patient and keep trying again and again. Even if you hear 100 “No”, 101 times you might hear “Yes”.

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