Impact of Social Media on Blogging

Impact of Social Media on Blogging

Since the existence of the internet, the expression of ideas is what was mostly appreciated for even by the lowest ranked person. People praised the ability we were given by the internet to share our pressing thoughts, ideas, sorrow and also to make it easy for users to display their intellect. But we can’t ignore the fact that the introduction of social media has also created a better internet  first of all making it easier for people to meet friends from faraway places, and also giving us the chance to say “no” to any reasonable word.

You may think this has little or no effect on blogging, but with the points I’ll share in this post, I might prove you wrong. I hope you’ll be persuaded at the end of reading this article that even the social media has an impact on blogging.

Quick Expression and exchange of ideas

One of the many rewards of having online social media is that it speeds up the pace at which opinions and ideas are dispersed. Although you might see it as something blogging might also give you the chance to do, it increasing not come through as easily as social media might allow.

You ‘re still going by blogging rules, for example here at, least those that bind your honesty. Given that you’re in a niche that doesn’t allow you to talk about celebrities-a perfect example of the niche of my allurez coupon and international diamond discounts blog. It wouldn’t be that easy to post your ideas easily in such a niche, but you can still do it on your personal social media account and your peers and colleagues will also see it and express their opinions about it.

Social Media opens Way for Criticism

Criticism was a very popular portion of the internet. You ‘re writing a new blog post and you’re glad that everyone who’s read it likes what you’ve written and you’ve gone ahead to send it to your mailing list to see the wonders you’ve done with words. So someone shows up and picks up some things that you’ve said are wrong, and goes on and on to tell you that you’re not worth the attention of anyone. The next thing your instinct will tell you (at least for some bloggers) is to delete the comment on the guy hoping he won’t be showing up again..

Take a look at it in the light of someone using social media to share their thoughts, if someone threatens you on Facebook  you won’t want to delete the person’s message for the sake of what people will think of you.
Social Media as a Method of Marketing

However, the more advantageous part of blogging on social media is that it gives you a fair chance to promote yourself and, of course, your blog. Promotion is just as simple as a couple of clicks and many more people are reading your excellent blog post on computer.

If you haven’t used social media to promote your blog by posting your most recent blog posts on your favorite social networking pages, there’s a fresh sea of potential you haven’t explored.