Vegas Downtown Blackjack – Blackjack Rules

Vegas Downtown Blackjack - Blackjack Rules

It is a well known fact that everyone visiting Las Vegas should take a trip Downtown, as this is where the best payouts on games such as Blackjack, Slots and Craps can be found.

But if you are sat in your home, office or internet cafe hundreds or thousands of miles away then fear not as Vegas hasn’t got the copyright on the fairest payout percentages

The Vegas Downtown Blackjack game is now ready and waiting over at the online Royal Vegas Casino which is our number one Microgaming powered casino

This is an age old variant on the game of Blackjack that has one of the lowest house edges and is definitely a must play game for any serious Blackjack player.

So lets us now take a look at the Vegas Downtown Blackjack rules and as you will see they are very liberal and well worth getting your teeth sunk into.

At our featured casino you can play for stakes as low as $1 per hand or should you be in the mood you can crank this upto a maximum of $200 per hand. The game itself is a Hole Card Blackjack game and as such the Dealer will get dealt both his cards one up facing and one down facing.

As it is a Hole Card game you can expect the Dealer to always check his down facing card (The Hole Card) when he has a Ten valued card or an Ace showing.

Vegas Downtown Blackjack uses just two full decks of playing cards and the Dealer is obligated to always Hit on a soft 17.

If you like Doubling Down then this game will certainly appeal to you as you can, should you choose, Double Down on any two cards and you can even Double Down after a Split.

Splitting your cards should always be done when the Strategy card dictates and you can Split your hand upto three times and this will give you a maximum of four separate hands. However if you have Split Aces you will get dealt just one card to each of them, and if you get dealt a Ten valued card to any Split Ace it is not a Blackjack just a 21.

If you are dealt two alike or even two unalike Ten valued cards you can also Split them.

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