Why Forex?: Benefits of Dealing With GFT

Why Forex?: Benefits of Dealing With GFT

As you become more familiar with the forex market you may notice that other forex firms promote the same features and quite often the same cookie-cutter trading platform. While Global Forex Trading has such standard features as 24-Hour online currency trading, 100-to-1 leverage, commission-free** trading and regulated FCM status, we feel our superior currency trading platform and value-added services are what raises the bar for traders who want more features and functionality in the forex market.

** GFT is compensated by revenues from its activities as a currency dealer, including proceeds from buying, selling, converting as well as holding currencies and interest on deposited funds and rollover fees.

Benefits of Trading With GFT

– 3 Pip Spreads on EUR/USD and
USD/JPY Markets
– Guaranteed Fills on stop-loss
and limit orders *
– Multiple Currencies Trading
– Free One-on-One Forex Training
– Trade over 60 currency pairs
– Unparalleled Liquidity
– Wireless Trading
– No Slippage on Client Orders


GFT quotes the EUR/USD and USD/JPY at 3 pips wide during all of the active forex market sessions, and max 4 pips wide should liquidity dry up. This offering is good for up to 20 million in direct, single-click trading by the clients. To our knowledge this is the best offering in the retail and even interbank community, 24-hour access to 3-4 pip prices up to 20 million.


Global Forex Trading, unlike many retail forex companies, plots its tradable prices on the major markets. This allows our clients to see exactly what prices are trading and have traded directly from our dealing desk. What used to be implied is now guaranteed by GFT. What you see on the chart, determines if your order is due to fill or not. Global Forex Trading will guarantee that if you see your price trade on our charts you are filled on your order. *
Click here for a list of the maximum fill for each corresponding currency pair.


Our award-winning trading platform, DealBook® 360, supports multiple currencies so forex traders do not need to familiarize themselves with an additional base currency. Currently, this feature supports the Euro, Japanese yen, Australian dollar, Swiss franc, Great Britain pound and Polish Zloty (EUR, JPY, AUD, CHF, GBP and PLN) denominations. DealBook® 360 offers you a more natural setting for determining your profits/losses as well as understanding your account statements.


GFT managed forex program makes it possible to receive the same high-quality fund management an institution would receive with an individual account by opening a balance far below the high opening balances institutions require. Until now, individuals who wished to open a managed forex account needed to make huge deposits to obtain professional money management or begin with less money and take a big chance with an inexperienced currency trader who was desperate for new accounts and thus willing to take small accounts.