Super Fun 21 Blackjack – Blackjack Rules


Super Fun 21 is a brilliant Blackjack variant, and playing it brings a new dimension to the stuffy old Blackjack rules, it is a must play game and we can highly recommend Riverbelle Casino who have the Gold Series version of this game

Ok, let’s take a look at the rules Pertaining to Super Fun 21.

The game is a Hole Card version of Blackjack and you will expect to see the Dealer always peeking should he be holding an Ace or any Ten valued playing card

The game of Super Fun 21 uses just one deck of playing cards, and all 52 standard cards are in this deck.

The Dealer is always forced to Hit a Soft 17 hand.

One of the main differences with playing this game over any other Blackjack game is that when a player gets a Blackjack it pays Even money (1-1), however a Players Blackjack will always beat a Dealers Blackjack.

Late Surrender is available on any number of cards

Double Down is also available on any number of cards and Players benefit from Double Down Rescue and players may also Double Down after a Split.

You are permitted to Split a hand upto three times resulting in a maximum of four hands.

Aces can be re-split, and you can Draw and Double Down after splitting Aces. Unalike as well as alike Ten valued cards may also be Split.

The game of Super Fun 21 also offers players certain bonuses for getting special hands, these are paid without the need of a sidebet, they don’t pay after a Double though, and these bonuses are as follows:

A Blackjack in Diamonds pays 2-1.

Get a hand of 20 or less in 6 cards or more and that hand will always win.

If you have a hand of 6 cards or more that totals exactly 21 then you will be paid out at odds of 2-1

European Blackjack players looking to play Super Fun 21 in Euros should get themselves over to one of the best sites, The Gaming Club, is that venue and they have a complete Microgaming suite of games.

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