Spanish Blackjack – Blackjack Rules

Blackjack Rules

Forget about jumping on a plane and travelling to Spain to play our next featured Blackjack game. You can play Spanish Blackjack anywhere as Riverbelle Casino have it installed and ready to play from with-in their online gaming suite of games.

You may never have heard of Spanish Blackjack but we think that after reading about its great rules and bonus payouts you will be itching to give it a try.

As usual to help you play to the best strategy you will find the strategy card on the right hand side of the web page, and by following it you know you are playing the best way.

So let us know take a look at the rules of playing Spanish Blackjack and those bonus payouts we have mentioned earlier.

Spanish Blackjack is a Hole Card game so you will be seeing the Dealer checking for Blackjack whenever he has been dealt either an Ace or indeed a Ten.

The game is played with 8 decks of Spanish cards and the Dealer is always forced to Hit a Soft 17.

A Players Blackjack will always beat a Dealers Blackjack.

A Players 21 will also always beat a Dealers 21. Late Surrender is also available to Players.

You can Double Down on any number of cards and you can Re-Double Down just once. You can Surrender after Doubling Down.

Double Down after a Split is also allowed.

You can Split a hand 3 times to make four hands and also Aces can be Split and Re-Split.

You can Draw and Double Down to Split Aces.

All Ten cards either alike or unalike may also be Split.

You can earn the following Bonus payouts but they do not pay after Doubling Down.

A 5 card 21 pays 3-2
A 6 card 21 pays 2-1
7 or more card 21 pays 3-1
6-7-8 0r 7-7-7 of a mixed suit pays 3-2
6-7-8 0r 7-7-7 of same suit pays 2-1
6-7-8 0r 7-7-7 of Spades pays 3-1

Get a suited 7-7-7 when the Dealer has is showing a 7 (not after splitting) and you will get paid out at odds of 50-1.

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