Wedding Candle Decoration

Wedding Candle Decoration

Normally, weddings are very classy events that require great attention, love and devotion from both the wedding party and the planners. Beside getting a place for the big event and selecting the proper wedding gown for the bride, wedding organizing means many other things, including decorating and making everything look pretty and suitable for the theme, color scheme and attitude. Both the ceremony, which is a little bit more festive, and the reception need equal amounts of attention to details and a great aesthetically sense.

Of all the things you can use to make decorations for a wedding, the candles are ones of the most versatile materials which you can find in almost any shape and color, decorated or not, expensive or cheap. If you don’t know where to buy candles from, here is a shop that sells online all sorts of these things.

We begin with the ceremony, where you can use candles in almost any place. The aisle can be delimitation by small white candles in combination with flower petals and crystals. When the couple gets to the altar they can be surrounded by taller candles, maybe thick melting ones with very antique feeling. You can even embellish them with ribbons and tulle, but do not forget to buy anti fire spray to protect everyone from a disaster.

Passing on to the next part of the big day, the reception is a more entertaining part that asks for creativity and subtle elegance. Starting with the entrance, the guests can be greeted by arrangements made out of flowers and pole candles. You can choose the colors based on your regular color scheme or you can get contrasting shades so everything will seem more enchanting. For a fancier approach, you can dress them up in tulle and maybe get some liquid glitter and embellish the tulle with it.

The actual hall or venue can be adorned with candles: from small simple ones placed in interesting candle holders to arrangements that base on these interesting accessories Of all the items found at a wedding reception, the centerpieces are those that can include candles in the most creative way possible. It is not compulsory to get simple white pole ones, you can experiment with candles shaped like flowers, animals or have a geometric or character look. You can surround them with lots of blooms, make them float on bowls with water or even put together the whole ambient with their friendly and warm light. A very popular choice is to create lighting sources from candles and paper lanterns, giving the place a very romantic appeal.