Getting back to school is a wonderful feeling and brings out a variety of reactions from everyone for a variety of reasons. There are various aspects of schools like attending a new class, being able to play sports or just being able to be with friend for more time that interest people. However, there is one thing that manages to interest girls more than boys. That is locker decorations. A lot of people think it is easy to decorate a girl’s locker. Most of the available accessories tend to appear cute and this is not a word that boys would want to describe their lockers. For this reason, a lot of boys prefer to keep their lockers empty and use it as a mere storage space.

This does not mean there are no locker decorations options at all for boys. Magnetic locker wallpapers are one accessory that can be seriously considered by boys. There are many themes to explore such as colored patterns, car themes, sports themes, etc. All one has to do is search for something the interests him.

Unisex accessories are available that can be used to decorate lockers. The colors for these accessories may vary and so a person has to patiently search for his liking. Some examples are magnetic dry erase boards, locker shelves, magnetic pencil holders, combination locks, etc.

Another idea is to use photo frames. Photo frames are some gender neutral locker decorations. They come in some magnificent decorations and are a really good way to decorate a locker. Even without a photo frame, one can merely tape photos to his locker or use magnets to hang the photos to the locker walls. A person merely needs innovation to and some creativity to spice things up and make his locker one of the best in his school.


Living rooms are social rooms. Most modern living rooms point to a large TV, but when there are guests, it becomes a conversation room with the TV having little to not role at all. Hence, it is paramount for apt living room decoration so that the room looks perfect for all of its intended uses. To achieve this, there are guidelines so that this intangible result is converted into a determinable goal towards which measurable steps can be taken to achieve a definite effect.

Lamps should be taken seriously when it comes to interior decoration. They are universal presence in every home and due to which, their importance does not get noticed. However, keep it in mind that a couple of stylish and powerful lamps make the room indefinitely better than it was.

Big box retailers carry varieties of prints with them. Though these are often overlooked by professional designers, it cannot be denied that properly used prints can accentuate a living room. Spending some time going through their collection would yield some good finds that can be used for living room decoration.

Customized drapery is costly. However, retailers carry supply stock door and window drapes that can match with décor. Spend some time going through the available collection and chances are one might find something that interests him.

Pillows are a noticeable accessory. Add some simple cushions with the right fabric style such that it matches the drapes, walls and other available accessories. This creates a welcoming and professional touch. But hold a limit on the number of pillows used. The aim is to create a homely feel, not ‘Pillowland’.

Most common pieces of glass in living room decoration are vases. They come in different styles, sizes, colors and shapes. There are also hand blown pieces available that can be used to hold fruits or as a centerpiece.