Commercial Property Loan Relief

Commercial Loan Property

We are a full-service commercial property loan financing experts offering Attorney backed commercial property loan modifications and engineer-based depreciation acceleration tax strategies! We’re here to throw you a lifeline and help you navigate the confusing world of the Credit Markets during this time of Crisis. Let’s work together to get a commercial mortgage to refinance or commercial mortgage loan modification to Save Your Property! Is your current lender giving you the run around after years of working together? Are you having trouble finding another institution to refinance your current balloon payment coming due? Is your Adjustable Rate Mortgage getting ready to reset? Is your Bank threatening to Foreclose?

Your situation is certainly not unique! However, knowing that you’re not the only one in your situation doesn’t really help when all of your good investment decisions and financial strategies are now failing because of the current economic crisis. The Federal Government gave our money to the Banks to bail them out, but the Banks don’t want to lend money back to the commercial property and small business owners that drive this economy forward. That’s why there’s Commercial Relief. We’re here to Help! We want to Save Your Property!

How much would you save every month if we could lower for your property loan to commercial property payment interest rate by 3% or more? Would it be an advantage to you if we could get payment arrears either forgiven or put on the backend of an extended loan term? Does your property have a balloon payment coming due? Let us work with you to make your bank continue with your current loan under favorable terms and conditions. We’re Experts when it comes to negotiating with Banks. We have years of experience, we understand the process and we know who can make the decisions in these lending institutions when it comes to commercial property loan modifications. Don’t lose your property because you lack the right expertise. Hire the Experts and put us to work for you today.

Commercial Property Loans and the State of the Union

We had to wait until the very end to learn about small business and commercial property loans. The administration finally has come around to the fact that the small business owner/entrepreneur is the job engine of this economy. Seven million jobs have been lost over the last two years. The President stated that 2 million jobs were saved through the stimulus package. These jobs tended to be mostly in the public sector that includes teachers, police and firefighters. Where job creation has fallen down is in the private sector.

Why has there been little job growth in the private sector? One reason is that big companies have been downsizing and cost-cutting very aggressively. The second reason is that there is little money available for small business owners. What commercial capital is available has been going to the larger corporations and multinationals. The lenders feel that these are more secure investments.

Again, the problem is that these companies are still cutting jobs, not creating them. When these companies downsize, you hear numbers like 10,000, 5,000, and 1,800. It takes a lot of small companies to create jobs to overcome these negative numbers. The President said that he wants to earmark $30 billion from the repaid TARP funds to go to local and regional banks for small business loans. The biggest question is how this is going to take place. Will the money make it to the small business owner or will it get caught up in the banks? Only time will tell. Hopefully, sooner than later. It’s about time that the government is finally realizing that the economic engine starts with the small business owner and his need for business and commercial property loans.

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