How to speak to locals?

Speak to Local

The most common questions of everyone who start the travel lifestyle are whether they’ll be able to travel around without speaking the local language and whether can I make it by speaking only English.

Well, it depends on your destination. I read a lot of traveliving blogs from people who live all around the world, but the two main regions are Latin America and Asia. Those who live in Latin America usually write that it is more than necessary to know at least basic phrases and words in Spanish as away from the beaten roads you’ll hardly find anyone who understands English.

If we talk about Asia, then here the situation is much better the majority of locals have basic English knowledge and you won’t find it hard to explain yourself. Just try to use simple words and short sentences to make it easier for understanding.

However, language skills are not the only thing you need to pay attention to when going abroad. There’s one common rule for any traveler to make contact with locals smile, be calm and friendly. If you are positive and understanding, then you’ll find a common language with anyone.

The other thing you need to learn if life in travel is your goal the concept of “normal” varies a lot depending on the country. You need to expand your horizons and don’t mock n Indians, who eat with their hands; don’t get angry if the waiter doesn’t understand what you mean by “no spicy”; don’t be shocked by little children playing in the mud at the side of the road all alone. There’s an explanation for all of this and all of this is considered “normal”. So you’ll either have to accept it or think once again if traveliving is the right choice for you!

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