What Is An Online Mini Roulette and Where Can You Play It?

Online Mini Roulette

When playing at a casino online, you will be met with an assortment of exciting gaming options. Many of these games available are either similar to the classic land-based versions or variations of these. The variations are generally suited to the younger players’ as they appear to be a little more updated and contemporary in play. Online mini roulette is one such game that can be played at a casino online. Online mini roulette is similar to that of land-based roulette the one difference being is that it can only be played online. It is in fact the same game but in a miniature form. It is very similar to both American roulette and French roulette. Both of these can also be found at a variety of casinos online.

The main difference is the number of spaces on the board and on the wheel. Mini roulette also houses different odds. The chances of getting lucky and taking home a win are much higher due to the fact there are not as many numbers. The rules of play are the same as the rules of standard roulette, players must begin by placing their bets and then the wheel is spun. Different bets will offer different payout ratios; this is mainly to do with the fact that the wheel features fewer numbers. Numbers range from only zero to one, making the chances of hitting a chosen number 13 to one.

A 50% pay out is also granted to players that land on the zero space. There are few different betting options to use. These include the likes of an odd or even bet, a black or red bet, a column, a six bet, a three bet, a street bet, a corner bet and a split bet.