Blackjack Rules – Surrendering Hands


Some Blackjack variants permit you to surrender your hand, there are two types of surrender early surrender and late surrender. Each one has different surrender rules so in this section of the website we will take a look at each Blackjack game and see if they offer the surrender option.

In early surrender you are permitted to surrender your hand before the Dealer has been dealt a second card. This option will cost you half of your original wager, the second half is returned to yourself.

Usually Early Surrender is only offered when the Dealers first card showing is 2 – 10 in value, and you are not allowed to surrender if the Dealer has an Ace showing.

Late surrender is when you surrender your hand after the Dealer has checked for Blackjack. You will lose half your stake should you decide to take this option The Dealer will however always check for Blackjack and any Insurance bets must be resolved before you can opt to Late Surrender your hand.

Atlantic City Blackjack – Surrender Allowed
The game of Atlantic City Blackjack permits Late Surrender, should you feel your hand has no chance of winning then if you are playing online you simply need to click on the surrender button and you will then be given back half of your initial stake and your hand will be removed from the action.

Big 5 Blackjack – Surrender Allowed

Big 5 Blackjack can be found in any of our featured Microgaming casinos’ software the game has some excellent and liberal rules and one of these is the ability for players to Early Surrender their hand, but you are not allowed to do this should the Dealer be showing an Ace

Spanish 21 Blackjack – Surrender Allowed

Spanish 21 is a great Blackjack variant to play as it gives you special bonuses for being dealt certain hands.

The rules for Surrendering are respectable too as you are allowed to Late Surrender your hand and also Surrender after you have made a Double Down wager.

Super Fun 21 – Surrender Allowed

Super Fun 21 is another unique and interesting Blackjack game to play, this particular game offers Players the chance to Late Surrender on any number of cards. Remember by doing so you will forfeit half of your stake, but if you hand has little or no chance of winning then this is a viable option to take.