Writing A Captivating Article

Captivating Article

So I just wanted to start this post off by letting you all know that I am going to be doing a small serious on this topic: Blogging. Okay, let’s get into this. When getting involved in this constantly expanding and competitive area of online marketing you need to always make sure you are extremely captivating. Understanding what your audience is looking for when hopping on to your blog site is vital. Without figuring out what they are really going to need to advance their own abilities online you are at risk of losing their attention very quickly. Thus, putting you highly at risk of increasing your site’s “Bounce Rate”. If you don’t know what that is don’t worry too much, we will get more into the terminology in another post. All you need to know is that you won’t have people on your site long enough to even get your knowledge across to them. Let’s face it, if we can’t get people to stick around then why are we putting any time into this strategy? I mean our Families could benefit from time with us a lot more than a whole lot of wasted words online.

Where To Get Ideas

If you’re not reading, listening or watching something beneficial to your future every single day you will be left in the dust. Every time you do soak up some useful knowledge you will find it easy and almost impossible to not jump on and try to put it in your own words to share with all your friends. Think of it this way for a second, say you went out to the movies with your boyfriend, girlfriend, or significant other. When that movie finishes, whether you liked or disliked the film you are bound to turn around and let your friends what you just saw and state your opinion on it. Now as much as most of us wish we could go and watch a movie every day, it’s not really in most of our schedules to do so. Instead, we spend 10-30 minutes a day catching up on motivational, educational, or some sort of business-related information.

I personally enjoy listening. Not only does his voice calm the heck outta me, but the information and motivation that he passes on are truly unbelievable! If you do not know who Tony Robbins is I suggest you get to know him well online or his books/audiobooks. But even if you do know him, again I suggest listening some more. Here is a short but great clip!

Now if you cannot come up with something to write about or make a video from this then I’m sorry, I don’t think you are listening hard enough! Please remember this though, “Ask and you shall receive”.

Keep It Relevant

Now as exciting as it may seem while happening remember, people didn’t log on to your site to read about your dog doing back flips for the first time while dangling a steak from a rope above their head. And believe me, I love hearing about dogs! But there is a time and a place for that. You must keep it relevant to your niche. If you’re trying to capture online marketers, stick to online marketing issues you are always hearing about.

The best way to build a name for yourself in this industry is by helping others solve a problem of their own. Take the time to research answers to commonly asked questions and struggles people have. You’re bound to find the answers they are looking for and while doing so you can be sure you’ll learn something new as well! Even if it’s only 1 person that you get through to, that’s one person that has gained your trust. What happens when someone is happy about something they read or watched? They tell their friends! Creating a chain reaction that soon becomes unstoppable!

Final Points

Make sure you have a captivating idea when you begin your journey in literature
Make sure you’re not wasting valuable time that you could be with your Family and Friends!
Make sure you have a routine that will keep ideas flowing into your mind
Stay relevant to your niche!
Always, always lead with VALUE!

Thank you for reading! I hope that if you enjoyed this you will pass it on to all your friends online! Is anyone that you feel may benefit from a read like this one? Remember, we are trying to change lives here! If we reach even that one person we could end up taking someone and their whole team to their dreams!