Look For The Wonders Of Sian Ka’an Muyil

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My Amazing Experience In Muyil and Sian Kaan

From mangroves, and lagoons to cenotes and Mayan ruins i have visited them on an all-in-one tour. Muyil and Sian Ka’an are located under Tulum and Duende Tours offers a tour of those two places. In this article, you will discover that these places have a lot to offer.

Enjoy Diving And Snorkeling In The Refreshing Waters Of The Gran Cenote

The ‘Gran Cenote’ is in fact among the most well-known snorkeling and diving areas in the Riviera Maya. Duende Tours will take you to the Grand Cenote for a refreshing swim and provide you with snorkel equipment. You can snorkel inside this enormous cave system and discover amazing marine life. There are different types of small fish and if you’re lucky you’ll find a freshwater turtle while you’re swimming between the huge stalactites and stalagmites. Here, you’ll find different types of avian species. The ‘motmot’ is one special bird that you can find. It is difficult to find and flies very fast. It’s a typical bird of this location and it’s brown having a blue tail.

The Amazing Tour To Sian Kaan

Ages ago, the region of Sian Ka’an was inhabited by the Mayan people. ‘Origin of the sky’ is what Sian Ka’an means in the Maya language. Consisting of mangroves, savanna, and lagoons it also includes a rich flora and fauna and a large marine section. This trip offers you a fantastic boat tour of 45 minutes over the lagoons, funny floating through the intense current canals and an educational hike back through the wetlands.

Visit Muyil And Explore The Ancient Mayan World

An archeological Mayan site, Muyil is surrounded by thick jungle, lagoons and ocean. This long-lost Mayan city is considered the biggest Mayan site in the biosphere reserve ‘Sian Ka’an’. In the past, it was amongst the most vital trade cities of the Caribbean. A tour of this place will provide you with loads of information regarding the present and history of the Mayans. With this, you’ll experience the breathtaking surrounding nature.

What This Tour Offers

A wide array of activities are offered by this tour. The activities remain very interesting for everybody even if they are found to be physically easy. Swimming and snorkeling in a cenote, floating through the waterways and seeing an ancient Mayan city is a fantastic fusion for a day tour. In addition to this, we had a very good guide which made our tour great. It was easy for everybody to get the information they deserve as the guide spoke several languages. With the beauty of the ‘Sian Kaan Biosphere Reserve’ and the interesting Mayan History, I would say that this tour and its different activities make a perfect combination. I would describe this tour in one word Buenisimo!

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