What To Know About Video Poker


How does a video poker machine differ from a slot machine?

The moment the player presses the button to make his bet, random numbers are chosen, and in the case of a slot machine they determine where the reel stops, and in the case of a video poker they determine what cards you get.

How does the payable of a video poker game affect the payback % on that game?

The way the pay table affects the payback % of the slot machine is players are going to get each hand in a certain percentage in the time assuming up to more strategy or actually assuming any kind of strategy, so say for example the player is going to get a full house 1% of the time. If one machine pays 9 for a full house and another pays 8 for a full house, the player who’s playing the machine that pays 9 is going to get one extra coin for every 100 bets, and a good gambler will fight for every percent that he can get.

How does a player’s skill affect the payback percentage on a video poker game?

A player’s skill level has a lot to do with the return that he can expect to get from a video poker machine over the long run. If you took a game where a perfect player would get 99.5 percent, we could estimate that the player is only going to get about 95 percent out of that machine.
Skill is very important in video poker. A lot of players play video poker like they would play live poker, keeping kickers and things like that which are absolutely horrible in video poker. It’s critical to do some homework on video poker to learn proper strategy.

Is a video poker machine ever “due” to hit a royal flush?

Absolutely not. Much like slot machines, each time you play, the odds are independent of everything else that happened in the past. With video poker, the odds of hitting a royal depending on the pay table and strategy is about 1 in 4000 and that’s always going to be the same probability. It doesn’t make any difference when the last time the royal was hit.

Can a player use the same strategy in all video poker games?

The player absolutely should not use the same strategy in all video poker games, only in case they play free online video poker. A skilled video poker player will definitely have memorized several different strategies for the games that he’s most likely to play.
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