The Ultimate Travel Jacket

Ultimate Travel Jacket

For fashion addicts such as myself, one of the most difficult parts of traveling is not having an extensive wardrobe on hand. Having clothing that is versatile is essential when trying to pack light and still look chic on any occasion. Jackets are a staple and can easily change the entire look of the outfit, so ensuring you bring a jacket that will go with multiple outfits is key while deciding what to pack. There is at least one jacket, some may even consider it the ultimate travel jacket, that can get you through just about any non-formal occasion.

So, what is the ultimate travel jacket, you ask?

There is no day-to-night look better than a leather jacket. If you’re planning on taking a stroll through the city or the countryside during the day and don’t have time to return to your hotel before dinner or a night on the town, you will still look prepared for it all.

Whether you are wanting an edgy look with a lot of hardware or prefer to keep it low-key, there are multiple options out there to keep you chic. Many types of leather also have the handy feature of zip pockets, which is a massive bonus to avoid pick-pocketing in crowded areas as well as losing your belongings.

Leather jackets are durable and also generally not too heavy or too light. Most importantly for a traveler, they don’t require any intensive care. Since they can’t be ironed, a leather jacket can be simply thrown on after a long journey in a suitcase with no worry. A scuff mark or any wear and tear from the road on the leather just add to its edgy appeal. Not to mention, any spills are easily wiped off of this durable beauty.

Traveling to a warmer climate? You’re still going to want at least one jacket. Nights can get chilly in many hot climates, and even if they don’t, air conditioning can be killer. I live in Los Angeles and still bring a jacket almost everywhere I go year around because I know there will almost always be massive air conditioning.

Do be a conscious traveler. Some temples, such as a number of those in India where the cow is sacred, do not allow leather items inside. Just do your research if you are questioning if it is appropriate! Is anyone else tired of reading the word Jacket? I sure am. Now get out there and invest in a jacket that will quickly become your go-to for just about any occasion, even when you’re not traveling. Here are some of my favorite leathers for your purchasing pleasure!

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