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Lifetime Travel

This Sunday Thai island Koh Chang will host the first conference of free travelers, or travelers, as they call themselves. It will be broadcasted online, and thousands of office clerks in different cities around the world will be watching this event, dreaming about their own life in travel.

Well-known traveler Alex Kurashenko was once a brand manager. Every morning he walked into the office to get a dose of stress in the form of briefings and meetings. After some time of hard work, he bought his first car, “Mazda” and felt almost happy. But not as happy as his friends, who had time and money to travel around the world. It was then, he first asked himself a key question how to balance work and life?

“At that time I broke up with my girlfriend and realized a need to change my life,” says Alex. He posted an announcement of a web seminar on the specifics of working with China, the theme that he knew perfectly from his own working experience. 20 people applied and each paid $ 100. That’s when he realized that it is possible to earn money even without sitting at the office in Moscow: you can do it from any corner of the world, from Koh Samui or Cyprus, for example. And that’s what he did. He took the name of Alex Ayvengo, wrote his first book, “Webinars” and immediately entered the top of successful entrepreneurs Internet. The number of people choosing a travel lifestyle is increasing each year. Freedom that’s what attracts these people. And with a practical, thoughtful approach and proper preparation, you can also become one of these lucky guys living a happy life in travel.

Planning your Lifetime Travel

Planning a long-term trip is not as easy as it may seem and should be done really carefully (even scrupulously) to avoid problems and disappointments. Here is a list of things that you should definitely consider before packing your bags.

  • Even if you have already chosen your destination, take time to evaluate it once again according to the following criteria; the convenience of living in it, good infrastructure (choice of more or less comfortable and affordable rental properties), visa policy (visa should be easy to obtain and to extend if needed).
  • Make a research on climate and the likelihood of natural disasters. If your chosen region is, for instance, earthquake-prone or suffers regular floods, then it might be a reason to evaluate your choice once again. Losing your health and money is not the kind of experience that you expect from life in travel.
  • If you are on a limited budget, then specify the cost of living in this region/city.
  • Another important factor is the cost of the flight to the destination. Just keep in mind that there always is a certain chance that you will have to return home earlier than expected (in case of any problems with health/relatives that stayed in your home country etc.) so an air ticket bought shortly before departure shouldn’t cost you a fortune.

All this information can be easily found on the Internet: in blogs, expatriate forums or Livejournal traveling societies. Following these simple guidelines might help you to save money, spare your nerves, and make your life in travel pleasant and carefree. Well, to a certain limit, of course.

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