This Is How an Annuity Loan Works

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Private loans are almost always arranged as annuity loans. But what does that mean and what is the difference to a loan with straight amortization? We explain – stay tuned!

What does an annuity loan mean?

An annuity loan means that the amount you pay off on your loan is the same for each month until the loan is repaid. As the loan amount decreases, you pay back an increasingly larger portion of the amortization and a smaller portion of the interest. The advantage is that your monthly cost is always the same and you can decide the repayment period based on your circumstances already when you apply for the loan.

Are there loans with straight amortization?

Yes, when you borrow for, for example online pokies nz, where you can play games at home, straight amortization is the most common. Instead of paying a fixed amount each month, you pay a higher amount at the beginning of the loan period (repayment + interest) and progressively less interest in kronor. Common to both annuity loans and loans with straight amortization is that the remaining interest amount decreases gradually for each payment that is made.

What happens if I move my private loan or extend the term?

If you switch to another bank, the loan starts over with a new annuity, which means that the loan is recalculated and the process starts all over again, i.e. with a higher percentage of interest than before you moved the loan. If you want to lower your monthly cost, it may therefore be worthwhile to stay with your bank and instead extend the term of the loan. Keep in mind that the total cost of the loan (loan amount + interest) increases in relation to the term.

What happens if the interest rate changes?

Should the interest rate change while your loan is active, the online casino distribution of interest and amortization will be recalculated at the same moment, without changing the term. You thus get a different monthly cost, but the amortization rate will be the same. Do you want to learn more about annuities, interest and amortization? Read more and become bank smart!

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Choose your bank carefully!

Feel free to compare different banks’ terms, interest and other fees, but decide on a bank that you can imagine staying with for a long time. Changing banks often can lead to increased costs. This is because most private loans are so-called annuity loans. This means that you pay back a fixed amount every month, regardless of how much you have left on the loan. At the beginning of the loan period, you therefore pay a lot of interest and a little less of the loan itself (repayment) and the longer you have had the loan, the less the monthly cost consists of interest and more of amortization. But if you change banks – yes, then the loan starts all over again with a large amount of interest and less amortization.

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