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This country was once part of the Soviet Nation and has strong ties to Europe, Russia and Asia all at once. This unique cultural diversity makes it a unique destination for travelers from around the world. Keep in mind that although Azerbaijan is a safe destination its border is closed along Armenia and travelers should not try to visit Azerbaijan after visiting Armenia in order to reduce any hassles at the border.

Visitors to Azerbaijan might be surprised at the vast number of historical and cultural landmarks in the country. Start with a visit to the capital of Baku where most visitors to the country will arrive by plane. Baku is a modern city but also home to ancient artifacts like the Palace of the Shirvan Shahs and the Atashgah Fire Temple. Also of interest will be the region of Khachmaz, popular because of the cultural diversity and abundance of historical landmarks such as the medieval Bostanly Village, the third-century Albanian Church and the ancient city-fortress of Khuda. Azerbaijan is a cheaper destination than Turkey or other European countries and can be an affordable two months for budget travelers.

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Each year millions of travelers set off on an adventure of life in travel to visit new destinations around the world. Most individuals will head to the more popular destinations like Hawaii, Paris or New York City. Although each of those destinations is an incredible location there are many more places off the beaten track that allow visitors to get a real glimpse of authentic life and culture. For the ultimate year-long trip around the world consider visiting each of these six countries: Papua New Guinea, Azerbaijan, Estonia, El Salvador, and Suriname. Use this guide to learn about the highlights of each country as well as what to expect when it comes to costs in each destination.

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Few visitors to the region of Southeast Asia choose Laos over surrounding destinations like Vietnam or Thailand. For those travelers who prefer a destination slightly more unusual, this makes Laos the ideal place to spend two months. The capital of Laos, Vientiane, is far less crowded and hectic compared to cities like Bangkok. Visit to tour the impressive Buddhist temples as well as the large Lao National Museum. Outside of the city visit Champasak which rivals Angkor Wat with ancient temples but is far less crowded. The affordability of Laos makes it a great place to enjoy luxury travel or even a few nights in villas in the beautiful scenery. Budget travelers can spend a day in Laos for less than ten dollars by choosing the cheapest local accommodations and eating where the locals do.


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This small Central American country lies between Honduras and Guatemala as well as bordering the Pacific Ocean. Despite the size, El Salvador is home to over six million residents and is a fascinating place for travelers who want to learn the language and truly understand the culture. The capital of San Salvador is a bustling city full of authentic dining and fun shopping but many Eco-tourism travelers head instead to the area of San Miguel. In Sam Miguel visitors can surf, snorkel, dive, hike up the active volcano of Chaparrastique and even see impressive waterfalls. Surprisingly, this incredible destination is also very affordable for traveling.

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Most visitors to this region of South America head to the nearby country of Brazil and miss out on what the small but significant destination of Suriname has to offer. Aside from spectacular scenery, a warm climate, and beautiful beaches, Suriname is also home to the small but vibrant city of Paramaribo. This capital city is a UNESCO-designated World Heritage Site thanks to the vast amount of Dutch colonial architecture. Visit Suriname for an affordable chance to tour the rainforests and relatively undisturbed natural scenery along the coast. Over the course of a year, you will have made some incredible memories of experiencing the best of the world off the beaten track.