Becoming an RV Woman on the Road: What It Truly Takes

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Despite the fact that RVs and camping scenarios might make most people think of a few guys chugging cold beer and joking around, many women actually love living this lifestyle too. Women are major consumers of RV and camping equipment and a lot of them are on the road and totally independent from the civilized world. If this sounds like something you can’t wait to do, make sure you’re ready for it. The following tips can help you prepare as an RV woman on the road:

Let Personal Safety Be Your Priority

Living from an RV is an amazing way to experience the country and to really get to know you in new and different ways, but be careful not to get too lost in the thrill of it all. While you do want to enjoy everything this life has to offer, make sure you do so safely. Carry something that makes a loud noise with you at all times, such as a personal safety alarm and don’t be afraid to equip yourself with mace or pepper spray.

Keep In Contact With the “Real” World

Despite your total disconnect from society (and how enjoyable that can be), you should have someone that you keep in regular contact with you. It could be a relative, friend or anyone else who doesn’t mind keeping tabs on you. Inform them of your location and where you’re going next, then follow up so they know you got there. As tedious as doing something like this all the time sounds, it’s the best way to ensure your well-being on the lonely road.

Cover All Maintenance Areas

Beyond kicking the tires and filling the RV with gas, you need to verify that the plumbing, water and electrical systems are all up to par. If your RV doesn’t have indicator lights that tell you when something is amiss, learn how to run through all systems and check them yourself. Keep a maintenance log going, too, so that you can refer to it in the future if something does go wrong.

Live Off A-List

A list makes being prepared much easier and also practically eliminates the possibility of forgetting something. This list should include everything from what you’re going to eat to how you’re going to cook it. Although living in an RV involves a bit of “flying by the seat of your pants”, there are necessities in life which must be taken care of and the best way to do that living like this is to have a consistent list to work off of.

Connect With Other RV Women And Families

Unless you have the desire to live in solitude as you venture into the country and campgrounds in your RV, it’s a smart idea to network with others like you. Consider connecting with fellow women or families on forums before you head out or through other official websites that let you know what’s going on at national parks and camping areas. It’s a great way to meet cool and like-minded people, but it can also be a way to be safe and sound on the road. There’s truly nothing like living in an RV full-time, no matter what your gender, age or background. Just make sure you’re always prepared for anything you might encounter and that you always make safety your number one priority as an RV woman on the road.

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