Rentals & Oilfield Hauling

Oilfield Hauling

Since 1985, we have been providing services to the drilling and oil sands markets including Wellsite Accommodations, Waste Management, Surface Rentals and Oilfield Hauling in Alberta and throughout Western Canada. We are committed to providing the energy and resource sector with the best equipment, service, personnel and the highest safety standards.

Wellsite Accommodations
The Wellsite Accommodation division provides convenient on-site solutions for our client’s home and office needs. The modern fleet of trailers consists of deluxe, single-ender, Engineer/Geologist, control centers, sleepers, and a wide variety of offices.

Waste Management
Vertex has a Waste Management program unlike any of our competitors. Our bin’s unique design is positive from both a safety and functional standpoint. The side doors allow for proper sorting and eliminate the need for steps and catwalks. Full bins are sorted through at our facilities to make sure that we are able to recycle as much of the waste as possible. Our customers are provided with an annual summary report along with copies of the year’s manifest, sorted by a rig that outlines the above recycling efforts.

Surface Rentals
Vertex is built on and known for service. Our Surface Rentals division is focused on both the drilling and oilfield industries throughout Western Canada. Vertex provides prompt delivery, set up and maintenance of all equipment.

Oilfield Hauling
Vertex operates a wide variety of transportation equipment that serves a broad customer base in Western Canada. We can handle a wide range of heavy equipment and oilfield hauling, with experienced and knowledgeable drivers to provide top-of-the-line customer service.

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