Putting on Weight for Movie


I have a new part in an up-and-coming movie and for once the role actually requires me to put on weight as opposed to losing it. I have had roles before when I have had to go on crazy crashes and lose 10 lbs a week diets which are literally starvation. At the moment I am eating like crazy in order to put on three stones as my new part is of a character that is quite large. It’s fun putting the weight on but I know afterward I am going to have to work very hard to lose it again. However, the fact that I am getting paid several million dollars for the movie is without a doubt a huge incentive to go through all of this. It is the biggest role of my career, quite literally, and I can’t wait to get into it when filming starts in two months’ time.

Dieting for Fat Loss Made Easy

If you want to lose fat you have to clean up your diet. No amount of exercise or training can make up for a rubbish diet if you are looking to get lean. The thing is, there is so much conflicting information out there on how to diet correctly low carb, high fat. High carb, low fat? Timing your macronutrients? Eating more regular, smaller meals or an ‘intermittent fasting’ approach? I’m sure all these approaches have some sort of scientific evidence to back them up, but unless you are doing the research yourself I don’t think it matters what the studies say everyone interprets other people’s findings differently and so it really just comes down to someone else opinion. Anyway, I have tried a lot of different approaches and here is what has worked for me. There is nothing extreme about this, just some simple guidelines.

So, in order to lose fat you will have to consume fewer calories overall, around 500 calories less than your maintenance level each day. So here’s your start. But how do you choose the right foods and organize them in your day?

Separate your total calorie intake into 4-5 smaller meals throughout the day
Take a moderate to low-carb approach, around 40% of your calories come from carbs
Time these carbs so that you consume the majority upon waking and directly during and/or after exercise
Moderate fat, low sugar (apart from directly after exercise)
Increase protein intake
Make your fats healthy, i.E from oils, nuts, seeds, etc. An average day might include oats at breakfast, a high protein, low carb mid-morning snack, the same at lunch and then a carb-rich meal directly after training. Here are some Fat Loss workout routines to complement your new, easy diet.