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Nowadays, online casinos work very similarly to classic casinos if a company wants to set up a classic casino it rents premises staff and also all gaming equipment such as slot machines, roulette tables and other equipment it needs to operate casino games. An online casino works on a very similar principle because the casino does not create its own software and its own online casino games, but rents software from another company that allows players to play casino games .

Some players prefer casinos with their favorite software, while others don’t care what software the casino uses and prefer only their favorite brand of casino. On the other hand, some casinos may use two or more types of software at the same time for example, one type of software is used for slot machines and another for roulette, blackjack or poker. In a way, the most important thing is that the player subjectively feels comfortable and safe in the casino and that all the games available to him suit him. But let’s see what types of software we can meet in online casinos today.

The most famous gaming software:

Micro gaming Logo

It is sometimes said that only time can truly test the quality of a product. If you also hold this opinion, then definitely try the online casino, which runs on software from Micro gaming. This company is known for creating the first online casino software back in 1994 and is the biggest pioneer in the online casino games market. The software offers a choice of more than 600 different casino games and is primarily specialized in slot machines with progressive jackpots. The largest online jackpot in history was even won on a Micro gaming slot machine.

Cryptographic Logo

This company is only a little younger than the previous one, namely it was founded in 1995 as a small project by two brothers from Canada, but since then this project has grown to a large size and today it is one of the most used online casino software in the world. This software also mainly focuses on slot machines, progressive jackpots and it all works on the Java platform.

Play tech Logo

This is another big player in the casino software market. The history of this company dates back to 2000, when they launched their first online casino based on their gaming software. Their main advantage is live casino support, well-crafted mobile gaming, Marvel themed games, sports betting or scratch cards. Currently, this software is used by dozens of prestigious and renowned online casinos around the world.