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Located in Chandler, Arizona, is a completely low-cost wholesale grocery supplier. National Grocery offers over 45,000 National Brands and Private Label products in overall grocery categories including conventional, ethnic, value, and affluent products and strategies. National Grocery having nearly 85 years as a family-owned grocer understands the commitment it takes to be an Independent or Family owned retailer in today’s environment, that is why National Grocery operates its wholesale business as a straightforward, low-cost, transparent wholesaler with no hidden fees, or brackets.

National Grocery clearly and simply passes deals thru to every customer of National Grocery. Whether you operate one store or a chain of stores, whether you buy one case or hundreds of cases our low costs are the same. With National Grocery’s best-in-class quality controls, you can be assured you are receiving the quality your customers deserve at the best prices you need.

National Grocery’s customers realize savings of 8% to over 17% on the cost of goods when switching to National Grocery from their previous supplier. National Grocery’s cost advantage is a derivative of its staff of greatly experienced category/buyers negotiating for the best costs, high volume buying, and controlling costs with streamlined operations in our nearly one million square feet distribution center. National Grocery’s 98% service levels you can be assured the listed categories available from National Grocery will be in stock:

  • Dry Grocery
  • Refrigerated Grocery
  • Packaged Deli Meats and Cheeses
  • Frozen Foods
  • Dairy
  • HBC
  • General Merchandise
  • Store Supplies
  • Packaging

About National Grocery

National Grocery has been in the grocery industry since 1932. As a family-owned grocery retailer for nearly 85 years in Arizona, the company learned if they were to survive and compete they had to be diverse, efficient, and strategic, with seasoned negotiators to compete in one of the most competitive markets in the United States. National Grocery relocated and centralized its warehouse operations opening a nearly million-square-foot distribution center integrated with the strategic flow, stocking, and order selecting technology, efficient pallet cubing, and truck loading.

Having all categories under one roof made National Grocery more efficient resulting in lower product costs for its customers. Warehouse operations under one roof include dry grocery, refrigerated grocery, frozen foods, banana ripening rooms, variable temperature, and humidity-controlled produce rooms, and temperature-controlled fresh meat rooms for beef pork poultry, veal, and lamb. National Grocery’s commitment to Independent grocery retailers runs deep in its heart. National Grocery understands and respects the commitment Independent retailers must have to be successful and the hard work associated with their business.

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