Multiplayer’s Game Mode

Multiplayer game mode

When it comes to online gaming, it is possible to cooperate with three other players, so we can embark on the adventure together with our friends. However, the difficulty level increases with the additional amount of players in the party. Multiplayer is available via Internet or local network. We can also use one PC or one console to play. However, it is worth to note that every character is the same, and the only thing that differs them is their appearance. The role that we will fulfill in the team is entirely dependent on the items we find and on our equipment in general. That is why it is a good idea to store a number of different items, so we will be ready for every single situation.

Items Rarity

Since items we gain in Mine craft: Dungeons iOS are of utmost importance, the authors promised us that they made sure there are plenty of things to choose from. There are several levels of rarity. In case of weapons (what we could notice on the game-play trailer), we will also witness three values that characterize its usefulness. It will be strength, speed, and radius. Interestingly, the characters will receive two slots in the inventory – for both melee and ranged weapons. The authors prepared for us special items, like for example magic cube that shoots lethal laser. However, it requires souls to be used.


Besides fighting with enemies, the game offers us puzzles. At the same time, we will be able to use fishing rod in order to gather food. Such alternative way of regenerating life make the game much more attractive. In addition to that, we should remember that the inventory window also keeps track of currency in the form of green emeralds. These are mainly used for trading with NP Cs. Perhaps vendors will be the source of items of the highest parameters. It is all due to the fact that enchanting will be a vital part of the game, allowing us to adjust items and ourselves for a specific situation.

For example, every member of the party will wield sword. However, one of the character may enchant it with the ability to poison the enemies. The other may enhance the radius of the damage. Others may even introduce fiery enchantments.


We can control our character with the use of pad. It is similar to Diabolic. One of the knobs is responsible for moving. The other one for aiming. We can also do a flip in a given direction. When it comes to keyboard and mouse, then we are golden. The controls are known to almost everyone.