Meta Tag Description


Except in a few cases, what you write in the description meta tag is what shows up below your web page title when found on the search engine results page. You do not need keywords in the description, but if the keywords are helpful to the user, then they should be included. However, the description should be almost the same as writing a small-text ad.

The purpose is to get people to click your link instead of one of the other links on that same search engine results page. One of the most overlooked advantages you can have here is to put your phone number into the description. A person can just call you and they don’t even have to visit your web page. If part of your sales is made by phone, try putting that number into the description meta tag.

SEO Service Provider will write unique title tags, description meta tags, and your keywords meta tag for each of your web pages for just $20 per page. MSN AdCenter Definition Pay-Per-Click Advertising through MSN. Works much like Google Adwords in that you create ads and bid on keywords that will cause them to display in MSN search results in pages and MSN Live Search.

Natural or Organic Search Engine Ranking Definition – Relevant content and link popularity will help you rank in the organic search results of your favorite search engine. You do not pay for these listings. The search engine spiders simply list pages according to their relevance to a particular search term. SEO Service Provider will help you rank higher in the organic search engine results.

Negative keywords Definition – Refers to a pay-per-click or pay-for-performance ad campaign. This is a list of keywords you do not want to trigger your ad to display. Any proper AdWords campaign should utilize the negative keywords feature.

Off-Page or Off-Site SEO Definition – This refers to link building and other marketing done outside of your website. SEM or Search Engine Marketing is also another way of saying off-site SEO.

On-Page or On-Site SEO Definition – This refers to optimizing the pages of your website and writing your website content. We write your keyword-rich content and optimize the code for you. Get a Free SEO Content Quote here or get a Free SEO Consultation here.

One-Way Inbound Links Definition – These are links going to your website from other websites that you do not link back to. Linking back to those websites would make this a reciprocal link and would not have as much value as the one-way inbound link has. SEO Service Providers can help you build more links to your website.

Outbound Link Definition – Any link that causes the user to leave your website and go elsewhere when clicked.