Dominican Lifestyle for Foreigners

Lifestyle for Foreigners

Moving to a new country can be tricky, but it also offers an unrivaled opportunity to learn about a new culture. Most countries have thriving expatriate communities that are comprised of people from around the world. Investigating the lifestyle you could enjoy by moving to a South American country may convince you to finally take the plunge.

Of all the options, the Dominican Republic is often the best fit for adults who want less stress in their lives. This is especially true if you have a career that allows you to telecommute. Learn more about the Dominican lifestyle for foreigners who choose to relocate or visit.


If you plan to continue working while staying in the Dominican Republic, consider taking a job in your home country that will allow for access to the Internet or telephone. Most consultants and other highly trained individuals can find some way to handle this while still making a steady income. You will have lower expenses in the country, especially if you are moving from the United Kingdom or the United States.

Accepting a lower pay scale in exchange for an online office can help you enjoy a new lifestyle without giving up any of your favorite amenities. Moving to the Dominican Republic is much easier if you don`t have to secure a work visa, which is only needed if you plan to hold a job in the country.


Dominicans are refined and intelligent neighbors. Even the biggest cities are filled with citizens that wear conservative outfits and expect certain etiquette to be followed. Stick to your nice outfits when going out for dinner or a stroll through the town, even if you prefer to be more casually dressed in your home or hotel room. Communication should be simple with most people because residents speak at least some English.

Learning Creole can help you talk with older individuals that may not have learned many English phrases. Memorizing a few words of the language will ensure you make friends easily.


Living near a large city will allow you to enjoy good restaurants and colorful local spots. Many cities include expatriate organizations that help you make friends from your home country. This makes the transition easier, even if you are only staying for a few weeks.

A new friend can show you the best places to visit and act as an impromptu tour guide. Most people prefer to simply relax and enjoy the peacefulness of nature. Hiking provides you with views of tropical birds and stunning coastlines, while many people love sipping a drink on the beach every evening.


Expatriates will want to rent a hotel suite or a short-term apartment for their first visit. Travelers on vacation should look for apartments as well, even if they are only staying a week. These furnished homes are more comfortable than motels and hostels. The luxury hotels listed are also a good option. You can rent a small villa or beach hotel room with stunning views for a very low rate. This will save you money in the long run if you decide to move to this beautiful country. Imagine dropping your high mortgage payment in exchange for a custom home built for a fraction of the cost.

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