How To Choose a Slot Machine

How To Choose a Slot Machine

Slot machines are among the most popular games in land-based and online casinos . They are cheap to play and require no particular skill set – you just insert the coins and spin the reels. However, the problem is that there are just too many types of slots, so many players are unsure of what to pick.

The popular fruit machines in the past had 3 reels and a lever, so they were much simpler than modern video slots. Video slots are much more complex – besides the greater number of reels, they have multimedia enhancements and other additions which can be pretty confusing. Learn the basics of every type of slot, however, and you will increase your chances of hitting the jackpot.

Basic Slot Machines

Basic slot machines have a screen which shows the symbols and a random number generator in charge of determining where they stop. These types of slot machines don’t offer the winnings of high-profile jackpot slots, but they do offer more frequent payouts. They’re perfect for beginners or more experienced players who aren’t looking to spend much money in order to get something in return.

Multi-line Slot Machines

Just like the name suggests, multi-line slots have more lines than basic slot machines and offer a chance of a bigger payout. In classic slots, you win when the three reels display a specific symbol in the center. These slots have 3 lines and only the one in center pays. In multi-line slot machines, you can add coins to add lines to the screens and increase your chances of winning. Usually, these slots feature 5 lines, but there are slots which feature a greater number of active lines.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

The progressive jackpot slots take a portion of every bet from every player in the game and put it in a pot, slowly increasing the jackpot. Over time, the pot can accumulate quite a lot of money. It’s not uncommon for progressive slots to have a million dollars in the “bank” which can be won by anyone with a bit of luck. As soon as the progressive jackpot is won, the slot resets and the process starts all over again. Winning the jackpot comes under one condition – you need to wager the maximum amount per round.

So, is there a way of choosing the ideal slot machine? It depends on Owhat you want. If you’re feeling lucky, try your hand at progressive slots. However, winning on any kind of slot machine usually requires a bit of strategy. You need to pay attention to the RTP of a slot (Return To Player percentage) and its complexity level as well.

Most casinos put the highest jackpot slots in the middle so everyone can see the larger-than-life money they offer, which is just a strategy to get you to play it. If you’re a beginner, you should try the basic slot machines first. They do pay less, but at least they will provide you with the experience you need to win big.