Fiesta Style Wedding Decoration

Fiesta Style Wedding Decorations

The charming decorations you can admire on this belong to one of our favorite wedding projects for this year. The wedding décor was inspired by the vibrancy of Mexico and this is why these arrangements and accessories look so vivacious, seductive and original.

We love everything about this wedding and the way it expresses romanticism and sensuality in such a bold colorful way! This wedding shoot is inspired by the Mexican Riviera region. You can choose to plan the wedding in this area for a more realistic and adventurous sensation, or you can use these decorations to recreate the vibrancy and flair of Mexico in any other type of venue in your local area. You can even take these ornaments to a beach, island, coast or cruise wedding! The effect will be ravishing and thrilling for each case in part.

We adore Spanish-style weddings because they always feature bold, daring and eye-popping colors. The decorative elements that are specific to the Mexico region are also dramatic and visually very attractive.

The colors, the style and the trends of the Mexican culture are surely one of a kind and they always make an eccentric apparition in a wedding. Some of the traditional Mexican textiles, textures and patterns were adopted for this wedding. The designers used multi-colored paper banners and papel picado to decorate the ceremony and wedding venue in a striking way. The paper flowers are made by hand and they can be purchased by street vendors in Mexico.

These ones were bought from Mazatlan. They were combined with live flowers to create a more realistic and romantic arrangement. The multi-colored ribbons and sashes used for the bride’s bouquet also look very vibrant and fiesta-like. The accessories of the bride and the Mexican wrap she is wearing look sexy and also comfortable. The same hot color scheme was adopted for the wedding invites, escort cards and favors.

The designers used oranges, purples and greens for creative cards that can fit the theme of the wedding. The table tables are beautifully decorated with ruffled flowers in tropical colors. The florists also used cactuses and placed them in terra-cotta pots for a more personalized and fun effect.

We adore the plates, the cups, the vases and the recipients used for the tables and flowers. You can see dahlias and roses in orange, pink and yellow. The wedding venue used for this shoot was the El Fandango restaurant in Old Town, San Diego. The old Hispanic flair was the principal inspiration for the reception. The restaurant is definitely a perfect place for festive dinner receptions. Private and romantic, this space can fit perfectly small intimate weddings.