Crypto Procents

Crypto Procents

Crypto Procents website is a crypto-currency informational source, is about all cryptocurrencies that have good history and about the newly issued cryptocurrencies. Will invite you to follow us here or on social media for being informed regardless of all that will be posted here. This is our first informational website that offers information about blockchain technologies, startups in the crypto space world, different digital coins, some ICOs, and more. In this first article, I want to tell about how was my beginning in the Crypto world.

In 2013, after a crash in one of my previous businesses searching for opportunities I find information about bitcoins. In the same manner as more of you, firstly I was skeptical, but on the inside, I see an interesting concept not as a possibility to earn money, to do business. Step by step I read more, I entered in bitcoin talk forum community 1 year later, doing different searching here, finding some altcoins that I have mind first with my laptop. I registered on some crypto trading websites like Poloniex, Bittrex, C-sex, etc. In a few months, my trading capital grew to over 10 BTC, but at that time BTC was under 500$.

In the next year, I lost all my BTC in different altcoins investments and in trading. That was the point where I think to go out from crypto as a business, but 2 years later I started again in trading with my last 0.004 BTC, 5$ at that time. I traded without any expectation to earn, just for the experience, but from that time, month after month, from January to December, I trade in profit, growing exponentially. Because that period was an incredible growth of BTC price, I capitalized my first 5.000$ and one of my friends invested another $ 3500 to take together the financial advantage of BTC price growth.

Actually, we have some good investments, I trade daily, but every day we search for new blockchain business-based opportunities because the crypto space always comes with new and new startups. We invested in a few ICOs that can be successful businesses in blockchain and fintech technology. We await new posts weekly for the beginning, and in the future daily.

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