Consulting and Engineering

Consulting & Engineering

Established in 1978, our Consulting and Engineering services continue to evolve with the guiding principle of establishing industry-leading services throughout the life cycle of your project. Our ultimate goal is a versatile suite of services available to ensure regulatory compliance and project success from development, through production, ending with abandonment or reclamation. Today we operate four distinct service lines:

Land Services
Vertex offers surface, mineral, and consultation solutions for land acquisition and development. Our integrated approach means enhanced compliance with Environment, Safety and ERP services available.

Environment Services
Vertex offers diverse environmental services available from pre-development planning through reclamation and remediation. Our resource focus means additional services are available to specifically meet our client’s needs such as drilling waste management, surface casing, and gas migration services.

Safety Services
Vertex offers air, medical, training, emergency response, and safety support services. Our dedicated team of professionals is available to work with our clients in developing regulatory-compliant systems both in the field and beyond.

Vegetation Management Services
Our vegetation management division offers a range of vegetation solutions, with spraying, mowing, mulching, reclamation, and environmental drilling services. Our services are a natural, equipment-based extension of our environment division. Our equipment and services are suited to producing, constructing, and reclamation sites and rights of way.

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