Conducting Business With Regard for the Environment


Have you grown sick of the traditional cheap vacations hotels often provide? Luckily, customers now have a wider selection. Ecotourism is the fastest-rising market in the tourism industry, and the trend is apparent in the wealth of resorts and hotels that offer earth-friendly features nowadays.

This style of vacationing is perfect for those who want to get more in touch with the rhythms of the planet again. A love for nature is promoted at the same time that the client relaxes and enjoys himself. A lot of people are now selecting vacations of this type.

Mexico is one of the top tourist destinations in the world, due to the various diverse and exotic settings it offers. The eco-friendly approach mentioned earlier is in fact being noted in many Mexican resorts now. There is a growing pool of resorts joining this movement, in fact, in Mexico.

A lot of people interested in this trend are aware of the program known. Only the facilities and businesses that do their utmost to ensure the eco-friendliness of their packages and products can receive a Check certificate. Check-approved status is thus something a lot of hotel chains are looking for.

You can see the way the big boys do it and do it successfully by looking to such chains as Grupo Mayan, from which one can truly learn more about green business. Since 1974, they have already practiced energy and waste and ecosystem conservation, aside from eco-friendly design and building methods. The Mexican firm has a chain of hotels and resorts that are fast becoming associated with premium eco-tourism in the region.

Grupo Mayan’s ventures are also covered by the approval of EarthCheck. From becoming affiliated to having in place a system that ensures and constantly measures the establishment’s efficacy, there are a lot of things involved here. The certification proves that it is not only environmentally friendly but also friendly to the communities around it.

It also has several resort brands that are part of the program En Advance. The program aims to unite efforts for preserving Mexican ecology as well as the protection of turtles, in order to save this species from the brink of extinction. For example, many types of turtles use spots on the coast as breeding grounds, and En Advance’s aim is to protect them.

Places like Mayan Palace Resort see around 100 turtles coming to the beach in a single evening, for example. Many resort clients end up participating in the efforts. This benefits not only the patrons of the resort but also the turtles themselves, as they can be aided instead of obstructed in their natural breeding process.

The resorts of the Mayan group have very environmentally-sound operating rules. Even the very bathrooms are fitted with the latest equipment necessary to conserve water where possible. The company’s personnel are shown as well how to use company equipment without wasting power.

What is great about Grupo Mayan is that even with their eco-friendly mission, they never forget the luxury component. The company goes so far as to try to set markers for itself that it must beat to become more efficient the next year. They are known for getting on the bandwagon whenever a green technology comes out, applying it quickly to their hotels.

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