City cost of living comparison


Experts from the travel portal published an interesting city cost of living comparison that calculated how many days a tourist can live in different cities of the world if he only has 100 euros in his pocket. It turned out that for one full meal in Oslo you can eat in restaurants in Indian Goa for 3 days, and one dinner in Bangkok costs about the same as a glass of soda in Rome.

According to the experts, the capital of Iceland Reykjavik is the most expensive city. With 100 euros a traveler wouldn’t be able to live there even for a day. The absolute leader of the rating is Indian Goa, where for the same 100 euros you can live as long as 12 days. The list includes the 40 most popular tourist cities where rating authors compare the average price of accommodation, food, and transportation.

The most expensive thing in Reykjavik is transport (about 30 euros on average per day) and the “main attraction” of the city the Blue Lagoon (entrance costs 35 euros), while the food and the hotel rooms were very affordable 23 and 20.35 euros respectively.

Second place in the rankings was given to Oslo, Norway, which has the highest minimum prices for accommodation. Overnight in Oslo costs at least 30.07 euros. In addition, the Norwegian capital has become the absolute leader in the prices of food – 42.38 euros per day.

Italian Venice follows Oslo with an index of 1,2 days for 100 euros. Overnight in the “city on water” will cost you at least 20 euros. A Venice museum pass is priced at 18 euros, and one-day catering in Venice will cost about EUR 25.

Fifth place is also given to a European city, London, with an index of 1.28 days. Rome is located in 8th place because there 100 euros would be enough for 1.44 days, and the top ten is closed by Amsterdam with an index of 1.56 days.

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