Bingo is Free and Free Bonuses


Due to the ever-increasing popularity of their fixed pot games, Bingo. has added tons of new fixed-pot online bingo games to its schedule. This, of course, means there are more opportunities to win big money. There are going to be six whole hours of fixed prizes every day in Mum’s room, Sunset Hangout, and Diamond Dauber’s room. Currently, there are more than £4,000 of fixed prize bonuses to be won every day of the week.

The Mum’s room has been created for all those mothers and grandmothers out there who like to spend some of that precious spare time on a quick game of the classic 90-ball bingo. The Mum’s room is offering twenty £100.00 set pots between 9 pm and 11 pm GMT every night, that’s £2000.00 worth of jackpots every evening as well as offering a massive £10,000.00 jackpot between Saturday and Wednesday. So, for all the hardworking mothers and grandmothers out there, sit back and relax for once and think of this as sort of an early Christmas present from Bingo.

In the Sunset Hangout, there are thirty, yes that’s right, thirty jackpots available if you play between 11 p.m. and 1 p.m. each and every night of the week. Perhaps you should consider giving a game of the Sunset Hangout’s much-loved speed bingo a try; the balls are called every three seconds. This creates a fast-paced and exciting style of bingo that is a favorite amongst our younger members.

The Diamond Daubers’ traditional 90-ball bingo game is also sporting twenty of its own £100.00 jackpots. If you want to play for a chance of winning at one of these you’ll need to be online between 7 pm and 9 pm and be ready to play bingo in the Diamond Daubers room. And just like the aforementioned rooms, these Diamond Daubers’ jackpots will be offered every single day of the week on top of this the standard £500.00 jackpot will still be in play every Friday whilst this £135,000.00 offer is on.

Collectively, all of this adds up to more than £135,000.00 in fixed pots, Bingo is really giving all of its members a treat and it certainly isn’t one that will go unnoticed. So, head over to Bingo and start to play bingo online in the Mum’s room, Sunset Hangout, or Diamond Dauber’s room for your chance to win a piece of that £ 135,000 giveaway. As if you needed more reasons to play bingo.