Specialist B2B Marketing Services

B2B Marketing Services

These Specialist B2B Marketing Services are based on marketing founder Andy McCartney’s 25 years of marketing & analytics experience in Europe & North America. In the corporate world Andy has been responsible for delivering scores of marketing initiatives as a specialist & as a marketing VP. He has helped countless companies in many industry sectors, with a particularly deep knowledge of software vendors & service providers. He has also worked on the ‘client’ side as well as the ‘services provider’ side so is very much aware of the realities, challenges & opportunities out there for progressive companies.

Marketing is changing almost beyond recognition with many emerging new channels that provide new & informal ways to interact with prospects & customers. To succeed you absolutely need to understand all the options on the table in front of you, & which ones are applicable & viable for your sales & marketing objectives.

Adding a dose of creativity to your online strategy & tactics will provide that differentiation & edge needed for measured success. New channels have been closely followed by productivity tools & best practices, plus a significant opportunity to automate many tasks that were previously handled manually (or not at all).

You can now execute more marketing activities with the same effort considerably boosting your marketing efficiencies & capability. Now is a good time to assess your marketing efforts & modernize those areas that genuinely help to move your business needle. Andy is available to help in a number of areas & if you employ his services in one area you can certainly leverage his time to discuss practices & technologies in other areas. His goal is to make you look like a hero!
Are You:

  • Short on bandwidth, barely keeping your head above water; need to make progress on critical initiatives?
  • In need of energizing your marketing function with new ideas, plans & ways to improve performance?
  • In need of an experienced specialist to lead, mentor or drive a specific initiative or training?
  • Interested specifically in Demand Generation and Marketing Automation – see below.
  • A smaller but growing business that doesn’t yet employ a full-time VP of marketing, but really needs to leverage an experienced exec – ideally in a part-time capacity?

As a freelancer, Andy is passionate about B2B marketing & has defined several areas of activity to assist with your business. These are outlined below. Feel free to contact Andy anytime to discuss or initiate a project.

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