Article Submissions

Article Submissions

It is important that you use an article submission service you can trust, so we have listed a few ways you can submit articles to directories where you can be sure your links and author bio are always included and that your article is actually submitted and received by article directories. Be sure to submit your article to our own Article Directory in addition to the options you choose below. Google crawls our Article Directory daily!

Article Submission Options

Option 1: We manage Isnare’s Article Distribution Service for you. They send your articles to over 40,000 potential publishers. For around $2 per article, you can submit your article through. If we do this for you, we charge $4 per article. I use Isnare on all of my own articles. I use the manual submission for my best articles.

Option 2: We manually submit your article to as many article directories as you choose for just $2 per submission, using your pen name under our own existing accounts.

Option 3: We set up an account for you and manually submit your article to as many Article Directories as you choose for just $3 per submission.

In either of the above options, you will receive a spreadsheet with full details. The link to the article directory we submitted your articles to, the date, and logins and passwords if you chose to have the premium article submission service where we created accounts for you.

The best way to submit articles is by going to each article directory, creating an account, and manually submitting your articles to the directories. You can do this yourself. However, it is a tedious, time-consuming process you have to repeat for each article you write.

In addition to that, each article directory you submit to may start emailing you umm “offers” for all kinds of things you may not want to buy. The good news is we can do this for you. We already have accounts set up for this purpose. Fill out the form below for whichever option you choose.