An Introduction to Online Slots

An Introduction to Online Slots

The very first slot machine ever played was nothing more than three rattling barrels with cards taped to them; if the player hit a winning combination, then they had to tell the bar manager who would pay them with beer or food.

Today there are thousands of different unique slots titles. Online slots games range from the simple three-reel machine to some very elaborate multi-line video slots. If you’re feeling a little lost in your online casino’s slots section, then here’s a quick breakdown on slots game types.

Classic Slots

Classic online slots borrow on the simple three-reel format that characterized the first slots games. Generally these games have only one payline down the center, and players must line up three matching symbols in the game window in order to win.

Five-Reel Slots

Five-reel slots were the first variation made on the classic three-reel slots games. The end result is more symbols, more possible combinations and more paylines. To get the big prize, five-reel slot players must line up all five symbols on a paying line, though often combinations of as few as three or even two consecutive symbols still pay.

Video Slots

Video slots were the first slots games to replace the actual reals with a computerized screen. Though most video slots still emulate the look and feel of a classic slot, some spin side to side or drop blocks instead of spinning reels. Video slots allow players to bet on 20 or more different paylines and also paved the way for in-game bonuses.

Bonus Slots

A bonus slot is any game that offers a side prize for achieving a specific combination. Sometimes the bonus game is just a series of free spins, other times it’s an animated scene that ends in a randomly generated prize, and still other times it’s its own interactive mini game. Online slots games offering bonuses generally have a special bonus reel that must appear in a predesignated area or order to initiate the bonus game.

Progressive Slots

Progressive slots are any slots game that is attached to a cumulative jackpot they can be any of the above types. Generally progressives are attached to a group of same or similar slots games that are arranged in banks.

The progressive jackpot grows with every wager, but to win it a player must be betting max credits. While most progressive jackpots are worth a few thousand dollars, some online progressives frequently get up to a million or more.


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