Aerophobia Overcomes Fear of Flying


Aerophobia is a very common problem for many people all around the world. But it becomes a real tragedy for those, who choose to spend their life in travel. Of course, it’s possible to avoid flying and opt for traveling by car or ferry. But thus you will significantly limit the choice of destinations. There is also another, better way to try to overcome the fear. Here are some useful tips for fear of flying:

  • We are all afraid of the unknown, that’s human nature. Once you learn the causes of the turbulence, you will realize that this is a completely natural phenomenon that should not scare you. You can also learn more about the structure of the aircraft and the principles of its mechanisms. You’ll quickly understand that this means of transport is one of the most reliable and secure.
  • Psychologists have found that stress caused by rush exacerbates the fear of flying. Try to arrive at the airport well in advance.
  • Trying to arrive at the airport well in advance, do not overdo it. The longer you wait, the more nervous you get.
  • Think about something abstract. What do you know about your destination? What places would you like to visit? What are the advantages of traveliving that you could use? Engage in planning your trip and you won’t have time to panic.
  • If you are afraid to fly, then chatting with neighbors is the best way to relax – let yourself get carried away by interesting conversation.
  • Your state of mind is tightly connected to the state of your body. If you are pressed down into the chair and your hands grip the armrests in a panic, you are unlikely to relax. Straighten your back, straighten your shoulders, and try to smile this will surely make you feel better.
  • Do not refuse to eat. Food raises blood sugar levels and this in turn reduces anxiety.
  • Do not forget that the media just love stories about airplane crashes and the fact that you read about crashed planes more than about crashed cars, doesn’t mean that air transport is less reliable.
  • Arriving at the check-in counter, choose a comfortable place. For example, if you are afraid of the height keep away from windows, etc.
  • Psychologists say that the best way to get rid of flight fear is to fly more often.
  • Traveliving and moving between countries and continents is an unforgettable experience, so don’t let your fear stop you! Put some effort and feel free from aerophobia

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