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The Company " vertex eMarketing"
vertexemarketing.com is specialized in search engines and directories submission, page optimization and ranking services. Put in other words: we submit our clients' sites to search engines and directories worldwide, optimize pages according to search engine algorithm and rank their sites in top 10 positions in all major search engines to drive traffic.

Established in 2000, the Company has from day one been signing up customers locally and internationally , solely due to its unique site submission, page optimization and ranking services. Today, vertexemarketing.com is considered Pakistan's leading online promotion services.

What We Do
We are servicing our customers worldwide who have all signed up for vertexemarketing.com services for one simple reason: They want maximum online visibility so their customers can find them! Millions of searches are performed every day on search engines and directories. A listing on top search engines and directories can direct thousands of visitors to their site every day.

Signing up for our site submission, page optimization and ranking services is probably the best way you can spend your marketing money. You will get maximum exposure for a fraction of the costs of any other type of online or offline advertising.

Our Staff
Solid teamwork and committed input from all departments has taken us to where we are today: a global provider of site submission services. We strive to sculpt our technology around our customers' requirements, and we are continuously working towards expanding our service offerings to you.

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  Basmati Rice Exportor                     1
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“What Our Client Says”
Thanks for inquiring about Vertexemarketing.com
I am delighted to give that organization the highest possible accolades. The job they did for me exceeded my highest expectations. I don't know how they did it, but my site is listed on Page One (in the top 10 on that page) on all the major search engines.
Medical Books