A Trek Into the North


Enchanting Excursions

If you are considering what may very well be the perfect family holiday for this year or the next, you may find yourself debating as to whether the tropical latitudes are indeed the best choices available. While the weather may be inviting, the throngs of tourists can oftentimes detract from the overall experience. It is for this reason that a growing number of travelers are making use of online holiday portals such as Transun to book a perfect northern European getaway.

Still, you may be wondering why so many individuals are attracted to this region. Let’s take a quick look at but a few of the activities that you can expect to enjoy on such a tempting trek to the north.

Reindeer Herding

Yes, you did indeed read this title correctly. Although you have most likely never heard of such a possibility, there are literally tours that will allow you to interact one-on-one with Santa’s pets. You will first enjoy a short venture into the wilderness on a sleigh pulled by a reindeer before learning the basics of their care, what they eat, and even how to lasso one of these massive and yet friendly creatures.

Husky Friends

Huskies are the veritable workhorses of the north and while these intrepid animals are quite strong and independent, they are also very well adapted to be in the presence of humans. One of the most popular ways to enjoy their personalities is to visit a husky camp where you will be able to interact with countless husky puppies. This is perhaps one of the most popular choices for a family vacation, as your children will never forget such an experience.

Ice Fishing

The activity of ice fishing has been carried out for thousands of years in the north; helping to provide families with sustenance during even the coldest of winters. Thankfully, bespoke tours offered by such companies as Transun and others will enable you to try your hand at this deceptively difficult task. Naturally, you will be guided through your experience with the aid of an expert fisherman and if you are lucky and determined enough, you may very well provide a satisfying meal for your whole family.

Igloo Comfort

You may never again get the chance to spend the night in a traditional northern igloo. While they are made of ice and snow, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn just how inviting and warm these structures can be. To keep you and your family snug and cozy, you will also be provided with a number of truly sublime reindeer pelts. Keeping the chills away has never been so alluring as it is in an igloo.

While these are some of the best examples of popular activities, never forget that other excursions such as viewing the northern lights at a remote location via a husky safari are also available. When looking for that perfect holiday destination that will accommodate your entire family, northern Europe may very well be the destination of choice.

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