4 ways to gain financial freedom


I have a special directory in this blog, where I publish information on how to work in travel and how to finance your travel lifestyle. Today I add another useful article, inspired by Tim Ferriss and his “The 4-Hour Work Week”. In this book, he introduces an interesting term “new rich” a financially independent person, who lives his life in travel doing what he really enjoys. A quick Google search will give you a huge list of blogs with pictures of happy, smiling people who claim that they have become the new rich and live at their own pleasure. However, when trying to understand the sources of income of these people, you get the feeling that they “make money out of thin air.” So, let’s see what this “thin air” really means and what are the 4 main ways to your financial independence.


Downshifters are the people who live modest life in Third World countries. “If you can free your time and location, your money is automatically worth 3-10 times as much,” Tim Ferriss. Usually, they rent out their apartments and use this sum for a simple yet pleasant life in a country with much lower prices.

Here is a simple example: One-room apartment somewhere on the outskirts of a European capital city will cost you about $500. For the same amount in Bali, you can rent a luxury villa with several bedrooms, a swimming pool, and other extras.

Information business

So, renting out your apartment gives you enough money to pay for your life somewhere in Asia or Latin America. But what’s next? If you don’t need to work, then how will you spend all this free time that’s left? Sunbathing and swimming sure are good, but you’ll get bored quite quickly. Besides, you might need some extra money for an emergency case or to fly back home to meet your relatives. Therefore, you should start a business that would let you work from any corner of the world ad without a fixed schedule. The vast majority of the new rich are opting for coaching or other types of information business.

At first glance, it’s pretty easy: choose your niche and teach people how to properly conduct business. In practice, things are much more complicated. First of all, you need to find an audience and earn her trust. People pay you to solve their problems. They worked hard for this money, so you need more than just a beautiful picture and a catchy slogan like “I became successful and so will you” to make them open their purses.

Therefore, you should start with a blog (as an option – with a book) where you will give detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to achieve success in a certain business. The techniques that you share should be useful and effective as readers need to see the results. Each of your readers is a potential customer. If he sees that your methods have already helped him to solve at least 10% of his problems, then he’ll be glad to pay to solve the other 20-30-40%.

Naturally, like any other business, selling information is hard work. To attract new customers you need to keep yourself in good shape, learn, grow and be at least half a step ahead of the competitors, providing your readers with the most current and accurate information.


There is a category of people who do not like to teach and do not see any sense in it. They are professionals in their field and enjoy doing what they do. In this case, a very traditional way of earning money without 8 to 5 office weeks, freelance, is the best option. The problem here is that to make a living freelancing, you need to have a high level of responsibility and self-organization. It won’t be as easy to live the nomad lifestyle as in case you have an information business. Though it is possible if you don’t move around too much and spend more than a few months in each country on the route. Another way is to take orders and give the for outsourcing, keeping a certain interest. This approach also has its drawbacks, but it would allow us to have more freedom and balance life and work.

Remote Work

This option will require certain diplomatic skills to persuade your employers to allow you to work remotely. Naturally, to get this opportunity you need to be a highly valued professional and be able to prove that the company will benefit from the fact that you work from home (or any other place). Clearly, this is not applicable to all professions and all companies. However, this is a very real way to gently move from office work to a free life at your own pace. All these four options can be used separately or easily combined to create a stable and powerful source of revenue to sponsor your traveliving. Just remember that your life is entirely in your hands and you can begin to live the way you want right now. There’s nothing more to wait!

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